Extrusion Tools & Dies

support your extrusion process

Extrusion Tools & Dies to support your extrusion process in all aspects of the process. No matter youhave a complex shape, high visual requirements, specific mechanical properties and competitive delivery terms, we are here to provide the best result based on our experiences and newest C-based analytic tools to predict the best possible solution.

Open and close die sets Full range of extrusion dies built to perform successful extrusion products

Years of experiences in designing, manufacturing and servicing aluminium extrusion industry supported with the newest computer techniques and manufacturing technologies put us in position to build up a range of dies for almost any profile to be extruded. Customer oriented approach and good logistics are complementary processes are least, but not last what we can offer.

Die cooling Innovative solutions to increase productivity and optimize your extrusion process

Die cooling is sometimes the key solution to obtain the extrusion result and to increase productivity. Special care on die cooling design is paid by our engineers to maximize cooling effect.

Extrusion process and die simulations Virtual tool to enter in the heart of extrusion

Complexity of extruded profiles and their mechanical properties are continuously increasing. Delivery terms on the other hand are shortening from day to day.

The technical answer lays in the core of the extrusion process, which can only be predict using sophisticated simulation environments. Working together with our customers allows us to understand and analyzing the process variables and on this base improving the final result in the shortest time.

Simulation environment is like a virtual press where the user can visualize material flow and temperature inside a die during extrusion, and optimize the design of die and process parameters to ensure balanced flow eliminate product defects and reducing costly die-trials.

Working with us Extrusion Tools & Dies

Working together with our customers on a long term basis is the key for final success.

Either you are asking for an offer or ordering the die sets, your preferred solution is just a step away:

step 1
please provide the information on required dimensions of the tools, press and process parameters

step 2
based on our offer the design proposal is sent to you for verification

step 3
when agreed the process optimization is performed using state-of-the-art process simulation tools

step 4
die set is delivered and our support is available to optimize the result in the extrusion process