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opis levo Tools for extrusion of aluminium
Designing and manufacturing tools for hot extrusion of profiles, bars and pipes from aluminium alloys ...
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opis levo Heat treatment of steels
Heat and surface treatment of steels: quenching, annealing, tempering, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding ...
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opis levo Machining services
Cutting, drilling, turning, milling, grinding, wire erosion, sinking erosion, manual treatment ...
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certifikat kakovosti kaldera iso 9001-2000 Company's vision and policy on quality
It is Kadera’s vision to become a well-known company in the area of 800km specializing in tool production for extrusion of aluminium semi-products, and come to be a leading provider of heat treatment services of tool steels in the area of 80km.The company is striving to become a qualitative and reliable supplier of products and services ...
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Company Kaldera is a small company employing 50 people. It is mainly involved in tool production for extrusion of aluminium semi-products. In addition, the company offers machining services and heat treatment services of tool steels.

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Combination of knowledge and extensive experience in the field of tools for extruding aluminium has enabled us to successfully meet our customer's expectations.

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It is Kadera's vision to become a well-known company in the area of 800km specializing in tool production for extrusion of aluminium semi-products, and come to be a leading provider of heat treatment services of tool steels in the area of 80km. The company is striving to become a qualitative and reliable supplier of products and services with the highest possible value. In addition, Kaldera is making a great effort to establish itself in the market as a company that provides its customers the best ratio between quality and price.

orodja - komorne in klasicne matricesestava komornega orodja za ekstruzijo aluminija - radiator

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The development of Company Kaldera d.o.o. can in general be divided into 3 stages:
  • founding of Company Impol,
  • founding of Subsidiary Impol-Orodja and
  • founding of Company Kaldera d.o.o.

The beginnings of Company Impol reach back to year 1825, when the industry of forged copper products evolved in the area of today's industrial estate in Slovenska Bistrica. Smithery was obtaining energy from Bistrica Creek, which flows in the immediate vicinity of the company. The following years brought a gradual expansion of the range of finished products and copper, brass and bronze semi-manufactures. Between 1952 and 1960 the company gradually reoriented its production from copper to aluminium due to increased consumption of aluminium and estimates of its potential. In fact, the construction of an aluminium factory in Kidričevo also contributed to the decision on reorientation. Between 1971 and 1980 a new building for the production of extruded products was constructed. In 1980s the latter went through organizational and technological changes in order to manufacture high-quality extruded and drawn products. In the following 5 years the company invested into the modernization of extruded products program i
n order to expand the product range in the field of extruded and drawn pipes and bars.

Due to the increased production the company established a special unit for the production of tools for extruded and drawn products program. The unit as such was operating under the jurisdiction of Impol's parent company in various different organizational forms ranging from a group, establishment to a subsidiary. Subsequently, Impol established the subsidiary Impol-Orodja. In the years of reorganization the subsidiary has gained extensive experience and has expanded its activity to production of other tools. Moreover, it has provided services of tool treatment and tool production as well as the production of other machine parts for different companies.

Company Kaldera d.o.o. has evolved directly from Impol's subsidiary Impol-Orodja and the privatization of the company took place in 1995. At that time the company took over a part of business activity carried out previously by Impol-Orodja, thus maintaining the longstanding experience in tool production for extruding and drawing of aluminium products and alloys.

(Company's reception desk) Company Kaldera d.o.o. is at present an independent company owned by employees. As such it began its operations on 1 July 1995. The company was at first conducting business in Impol's industrial estate. As a result it had to submit (as other independent companies) to Impol's house rules concerning the behaviour, code of action, transport and movement. The most important among these were the rules relating to ecology since the company Kaldera d.o.o. had to meet the basic requirements of the Certificate of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, which Impol d.d. acquired in year 2000.

sprejemnica podjetjaDružba Kaldera d.o.o. je sedaj samostojna družba v lasti zaposlenih, ki je pričela z delovanjem 01.07.1995, vsa oprema je v lasti družbe, lokacija družbe pa je bila na začetku v Impolovi industrijski coni. Zato so seveda tudi zanjo veljala pravila t.i. hišnega reda obnašanja, delovanja, transporta, gibanja, kateremu se morajo podrediti vsa podjetja na tej lokaciji. Med najpomembnejša so vsekakor spadala pravila glede ekologije, saj je tudi družba Kaldera d.o.o. morala nujno spoštovati osnovne zahteve certifikata za ravnanje z okoljem ISO 14001, ki ga je v letu 2000 pridobila družba Impol d.d.

On the 10th anniversary of the company's operations in 2005 the company continued its activities on new location. It was moved from Impol's industrial estate to the location of Trading Estate Slovenska Bistrica on Kolodvorska ulica 33. In addition to a new facility the company also installed new production lines.

proizvodna halaIn order to ensure the smooth activities of the production and the technology, the appropriate machine and electrical installation as well as appropriate microclimatic conditions had to be ensured in all workplaces in both winter and summer. Moreover, it was necessary to ensure the normal noise level which would not disturb the surrounding area during the day and at night.

A new production and business facility can undoubtedly be compared to modern facilities since it spreads out on 2808 m2, thus establishing good conditions for the company's growth in future.

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KALDERA d.o.o.
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Fax: +386 (0)2 80 55 274
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